your corporate and financial content distribution

The new software platform
for corporate and financial communication executives

Wiztopic’s online platform simplifies corporate and financial content distribution,
stakeholders relationship management, event organization and tracking of communication performance.

A mobile and upgraded mix of what technology can do to optimize these tasks.

From global to local, in the language of your choice.

Most of Wiztopic’s clients are Fortune 500 corporations and financial institutions

All our clients have one point in common:
they consider that their information
a valuable and sensitive matter
that deserves the best of technology.

« We chose Wiztopic for its simplicity. »

Véronique Roquet Montégon

Group communication executive • Schneider Electric

Wiztopic connects your existing tools and work environment to one easy interface.

« We tested available technologies and Wiztopic’s all-in-one approach stood out with an easy answer to our needs »

Marie-Pierre Michel,

Communication officer • Covéa

Advanced and user-friendly features


You produce more and more
richmedia content

  • Wiztopic manages all content formats (video, images,
    text, infographics, audio).
  • It adapts them to mobile or other devices
  • It geolocalizes them and optimizes search engine
    and social media indexation
  • In an accessible and secure environment

Wiztopic distributes your content
through all available channels

  • You plan the distribution to internal and external audiences
  • Emails, news-rooms, social media, corporate websites, intranets.
    All channels are connected to Wiztopic
  • Wizwire distributes regulated financial news
  • Each interaction is saved in your stakeholder’s CRM

Wiztopic tracks performance
and generates your reporting

  • Reporting summary on each communication
  • And for each distribution channel
  • Automated media review analytics
  • All data integrated into the stakeholder’s CRM

Free your collaborators
from low value tasks

  • Refocus time and energy on what really matters
  • Offer your team members a simple tool available in their pocket
  • Emphasize teamwork and collaboration with your agencies

Wiztopic is a cloud
based SaaS platform

  • Easy to use it involves users smoothly
  • Wiztopic helps them to integrate content and lists
  • If necessary, it adapts the design to your codes
« Before Wiztopic, we used to have multiple software tools; they were so complex that we just gave up using them... »

Pierre-Antoine Dusoulier
CEO • Saxo Bank

Manage a distribution sequence in less than 20 minutes

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Wiztopic offers the new generation of enterprise software for communication executives

Wiztopic focuses on simple and mobile technology for corporate communication teams of listed companies and financial institutions. The company was founded by seasoned media, social media, corporate communication, enterprise software and mobile applications specialists.

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